Business Office

Business OfficeCompliance

Compliance addresses the need for institutions to understand home-and host-country tax laws when compensating human subjects for research studies outside of the U.S and also discusses the various regulatory and reporting requirements which may apply to institutions when conducting activities abroad.


Finance focuses on the complexities of managing cash transactions abroad which include paying contractors and vendors, opening foreign bank accounts, and supporting student trips.  

Foreign Operations

Foreign Operations concentrates on leasing, purchasing or insuring facilities abroad and purchasing goods and services abroad.

Human Resources

Human Resources addresses the issues surrounding hiring employees abroad, which include local employees, independent contractors, and expatriates or third-country nationals as well as terminating employees abroad.


Legal covers the types of collaborations that universities may be engaged in abroad, such as study abroad, student exchange and research collaborations.  It also discusses how a university might assess whether it needs to register to obtain legal status in a non-U.S. country where it plans to operate.

Risk Management

Risk management provides general guidelines for institutions to ensure the safety and security of their students and staff while engaging in activities abroad.