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Home CampusColleges and universities are expanding their presence outside the United States.  Global operations in higher education range from enhancing student and faculty recruitment, conducting research and developing students, faculty and staff.  There are, however, legal, fiscal, and reputational risks involved with international activities.

This section is intended to share common practices used by colleges and universities to support international activities. But given the wide range of these activities, and the reasons for engaging in them, it should be emphasized that some of these practices may not necessarily be the right ones for every institution.

This document also assumes that every institution is in a different stage of development with regard to supporting international activities. Some universities have robust, mature infrastructures to support international activities, while other universities are just starting out.

This section and related sections on this Web site are not intended to be a substitute for detailed professional advice when establishing and maintaining offices abroad. Nor are they a substitute for developing and following related institutional policies. Rather, they are intended to give college and university administrators a high-level understanding of what it takes to support international activities.