Defining and Assigning Central Roles Related to International Activity

Depending on the size of the institution and the extent of its international activity, creating or redefining roles to support and coordinate that activity may significantly lower risk and ease administrative burdens.

This section provides two lists. One list shows university offices typically involved in developing policies and evaluating and approving proposals for international ventures. The other list shows some titles and descriptions of positions that are directly related to supporting international activity at universities.

When forming committees to develop policies related to international activity, it is often important to obtain input and/or approval from representatives in the offices on the first list. But not all offices may exist or have personnel that support the international activities of the university. If the latter, then steps may be taken to appoint an appropriate international contact within these offices to ensure that the interests of these offices are being considered.  At a minimum, gaining the support of senior-level administrators at an institution is essential to successfully managing international programs.

List 1: Offices Typically Involved in Establishing Institutional Policies and Evaluating and Approving Programs

List 2: Examples of Existing University Positions Devoted to International Activity